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Facial Treatments

All facials are personalized to your specific skincare needs


Targeted Treatment Facial


60 Minute

Thorough cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage, LED treatment and extractions if needed. After a consultation each treatment is customized to what your target concern is, whether it is hyperpigmentation, rosacea, dullness. You will leave with hydrated, luminous, nourished skin and knowledge to maintain.


Busy Beauty Facial


45 Minute

Maintenance Treatment for the client that doesn’t have time for a 60min or 90min facial. We will make sure your current regimen is continuing to target your skin goals. Main focus is exfoliation to ensure your skin is revitalized and restored.


Acne Treatment Facial


90 Minute

Using Glymed Plus Serious Action Acne Management professional skincare products to restore healthy pH balance and aid in the reduction of acne lesions and scarring. Cleanse, Treat, Balance, Protect. Consultation included to go over home care.


Rejuvenation Facial


90 Minute

Comprehensive facial treatment. Focus is prevention, protection, reparative for environmentally damaged and stressed skin. After a consultation each treatment is customized to what your target concern is. You will leave with hydrated, revitalized, nourished skin and the knowledge to maintain.


CBD Glowing Facial


60 Minute

Gentle but effective Enzyme treatment lifting dead skin cells from the surface leaving skin smooth and hydrated. A powerful boost of CBD and peptides give your skin a tight and firm appearance with no downtime. The Glymed Plus CBD Booster contains the purest Cannabis Sativa (CBD) grown in the US. CBD is a healing antioxidant stronger  than Vitamin C and E, instantly immersing the skin reducing fine lines and neutralizing free radical damage.


Gentleman Skin Renewal


45 Minute

This is a great starter facial for my gentlemen who are new to the skincare and facial treatment world! Treatment focus is putting life back into dull or aging skin while detoxifying and restoring. 

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